Native American Ceramic Art of Colleen G Bockman

  Welcome to my ceramic art website. My name is Colleen Bockman and I reside in the town of Green Valley Arizona in the heart of the Santa Cruz river valley. The photograph above shows the Santa Rita mountains which lie directly East of the Santa Cruz river. I am a Native American (Nez Perce) artist. My tribe's home grounds is in Lapawei Idaho.

It's a beautiful region of the Southwest and provides powerful inspiration for any artist. My own work is strongly influenced by the region's natural beauty.

                                               ABOUT ME

I have  been making pieces and teaching ceramic Art for about 30 years.  My work has appeared in local shows, shops, and galleries, as well as galleries in Arizona, Wyoming, California, and Pennsylvania. Pieces listed on here are 40-50% less than gallery prices, basically because I do not have to pay the gallery's 50% commission.  Prices are noted below the image of each piece.  They do not include shipping charges.  In most cases a ceramic piece can be shipped within the United States for about $9,99 

The photograph above was taken of me at a recent art fair. You can see some of my work on the display table. 

To order, call or text 520-203-3019.  Or email at   Payments accepted using Paypal or by check.  We don't accept credit cards directly, only through Paypal.  You will be advised of shipping charges when you contact us.  

Items are returnable if not satisfactory for any reason.